Walid Bousselham

I'm a PhD student at Bonn University, advised by Prof. Hilde Kuehne. I'm also participating in MIT-IBM Watson Sight and Sound Project.

My primary research area is deep learning for multimodal models. Particularly, I am interested in zero-shot adaptation of pretrained models for emerging behavior.

Prior to this, I finished my Master of Engineering in Applied Mathematics at ENSTA Paris in France and my Master of Science in Statistics and applied Probabilities at the National University of Singapore (NUS) .

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03.2024   Our paper Grounding Everything: Emerging Localization Properties in Vision-Language Transformers was accepted at CVPR 2024!.

01.2024   I will be attending the BMVA Symposium on Vision and Language with an oral and a poster presenting our recent paper Grounding Everything.

Featured Research

LeGrad: An Explainability Method for Vision Transformers via Feature Formation Sensitivity
Walid Bousselham, Angie Boggust, Sofian Chaybouti Hendrik Strobelt Hilde Kuehne
arXiv, 2024
Project Page / Code / arXiv / Demo

Grounding Everything: Emerging Localization Properties in Vision-Language Transformers
Walid Bousselham, Felix Petersen, Vittorio Ferrari, Hilde Kuehne
CVPR, 2024
Code / arXiv / Demo

Learning Situation Hyper-Graphs for Video Question Answering
Aisha Urooj, Hilde Kuehne, Bo Wu, Kim Chheu, Walid Bousselham, Chuang Gan, Niels Lobo, Mubarak Shah
CVPR, 2023
Code / arXiv

Efficient Self-Ensemble for Semantic Segmentation
Walid Bousselham, Guillaume Thibault, Lucas Pagano, Archana Machireddy, Joe Gray, Young Hwan Chang, Xubo Song
BMVC, 2021
Code / arXiv / video

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